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Structure Outline

Basic, informational web site multimedia design and web e-commerce design both begin with a structure outline. There are a few best practice web site information divisions that can be customized to tie into your main theme.

The most common of these are listed below.

Main page - This tells your visitor what you offer and details what they can find on your site.

Company history - This should present your company as a solid, trustworthy foundation.

Testimonials - Although dedicated testimonial pages are often ignored, strategic placement throughout the site will reinforce your credibility and trustworthiness.

About us - On a smaller site, this can replace a number of other pages such as quality and history.

Location - This displays your address, map, and driving directions.

Contacts - This displays your fax, e-mail, and phone numbers. You can also include a mini-directory for all departments or contact points.

Product/Services - This lists each distinct product or service on its own page. These pages get most of your web site traffic.

Mission or Purpose - This outlines your organization's values. Again this page builds your credible and stable reputation.

Line card - This is a directory of the major brands you stock or sell. It's a simple list of the manufacturer's name and a listing of some of the brands they manufacture or distribute. If the manufacturers have web sites, you can also include a link to them.

Prices/Rates - This is another strong selling page and another opportunity to showcase your products or services.
Recently completed projects - This enables you to dynamically communicate with your viewers. Give details, pictures, and background information. Explain why you were chosen and how you used your skills to solve problems and complete projects.

Product comparison/cross reference page - If you sell products, this displays a side-by-side comparison to competitors explaining why yours is the best choice.

FAQs - A good Frequently Asked Questions page can be a valuable way to answer questions that might otherwise be an obstacle to a sale. It can also include information, phrased in the form of a question, that didn't fit in other categories.

Privacy policy - If you're collecting data through inquiry forms, this page tells your potential customers that you won't abuse their information.

News and press releases - This is another opportunity to dynamically communicate with your visitors. This may contain links to individual news or press release pages.

Inquiry form - This gathers leads and helps you maintain contact with potential customers after they leave your web site. This should be short, but also include fields for all the information you need.

Customer service - If you already have an Internet customer base, this gives them an inquiry page to report problems or ask questions.

Quality and certifications - This lists qualifications, certifications, quality awards, or ISO standards. This is another chance to convince your prospective customer.

Links - called 'further information' or 'trade associations' - This is an opportunity to link to all of your product manufacturers, trade associations, and professional bodies. This is also an opportunity to provide return links to sites that have agreed to link to you.

Employment Opportunities - This lists your current job openings.

Resources - This describes your manufacturing plant or factory equipment.


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